SunTaste compact

SunTaste compact


SunTaste compact solar oven fits 1 middle or 2 small containers and can heat food for up-to 4 people to about 160 degrees Celsius.

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> Pot 20cm diam.
> Instructions manual in one of the following languages.
> Recipes booklet available for download.


The SunTaste compact characteristics:

>  Footprint:  52x43  20.5x16.9
 > Height (closed):  32  12.6
 > Total height (in operation):  71  28.0
 > Cooking plate area:  30x50  11.8x19.7
 > Internal height (midpoint):  17  6.7
 > Internal height (minimum):  13  5.1
 WEIGHT [kg] [lb]
 > SunTaste compact only:  9.5  20.9
 > Complete with packaging:  15.0  33.1

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 59 × 50 × 35 cm


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